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Downloads on this page are audio recordings of sermons. Videos of our services from March 2020 are available on our youtube channel.

Below are various sermons that can be downloaded or streamed as mp3 files for playing on your computer or mp3 player. Because of the different ways different browsers respond to audio files, the method to download or stream (playing through your browser or audio player) may be different for your system, but if you click on the link, it will hopefully play through the browser or audio player (press PLAY to begin) or if you right-click and choose ‘save linked file as’, it will hopefully download the mp3 file.

Recent Sermons

Why gather?: Nehemiah 7:73-8:13 Stephen Lloyd 11/7/2021

Resting in Jesus: Matthew 11:27–12:8 James Tredgett 4/7/2021

The Christian life is set in springtime: Song of Songs 7–17 Stephen Lloyd 18/4/2021

Relentless mercy: John 4 Adam Laughton 11/4/2021

Why is Jesus relevant? Luke 24:39–43 Stephen Lloyd 4/4/2021

The blindness that Jesus exposes: Mark 10: Keith Johns 28/3/2021

Who Jesus is and what he has come to do?: Mark 8:27–38 Keith Johns 21/3/2021

What a come down! Matthew 17:14–23 Malcolm Jones 14/3/2021

His deed, your need, his divinity: John 10:1–39 Part 3 David Hircock 7/3/2021

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Sermon Archive: Stephen Lloyd

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Archive: Guest Preachers